Rifle Animation Packs


3d character animations using a rifle.

Rifle Starter (28 Animations)

Includes forward aiming locomotions for walk, jog, and crouch-walks. In-place animations and transitions in and out of locomotion loops. Right foot walking jumps.  Firing animations. Ninety degree turns and aim offsets right and left. Transitions from relaxed to aim.

Rifle Basic (109 Animations)

Includes both relaxed and aiming animations.  Four types of locomotives including runs.  All turns and looks are in ninety degree increments in all four directions. Four directional locomotions with right foot first jumps. Left and right circle turns. Relaxed standing deaths.  Also includes relaxed and aiming reloads, holstering and fidgets.

Rifle Pro (760 Animations)

360 unique animations with 40 aim offsets. Duplicate in-place / traveling animations brings the total to 760 files.  Full set of aiming and relaxed animations. Looks and turns are in 45 degree increments. All locomotions are 8 directional with all in and out transitions.  Also includes a full set of backpedal animations for crouch walk, walk and jog. Jumps come in both left foot and right foot first. Has hops, deaths, fidgets and everything from the basic pack.

Rifle Updates

Adds Root Motion and In-Place animations.  Diagonal strafing, including back pedals, Left and Right foot-first jumps, with edited pose and velocity matched end frames. Stands and turns to crouch/walk/jog/run forward in eight directions. Look-at aim offsets.

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