Zombie Animation Packs


3d character animations for a brain eating zombie.

Zombie Starter (19 Animations)

All locomotions have transitions from stand. The 1 crawl cycle also has an IP version. It also has a short and a full version of 1 walk animation. It has 1 attack, 1 reach, and 1 death animation. It has idles that also transition to the standard mobility idle. And a turn 90 degrees to the left and right.

Zombie Basic (69 Animations)

Comes with 3 full sets of walks.  3 sets of idles 2 sets of reaches and 1 set of slow shambling. Turns also include 180s. Has 4 attacks including a hyper attack. Deaths in 4 directions plus two on fire deaths.  2 full sets of crawl animations. 3 full sets of chases 3 with knock backs and 1 hyperchase.

Zombie Pro (174 Animations)

A total of 5 full sets of chase animations and 3 Hyperchases. 2 sets of slow shambling. 6 Variations of walks including getting knocked back while walking. 4 sets of idles. 5 Full sets of attacks including knockbacks from attack. 4 Hyper attacks. At least 4 deaths in all directions and 4 deaths by fire including longer variations. 4 variations of all turns both 90 and 180 degrees L and R and everything from the basic pack. Pro UE4 pack also comes with a motion controller!

Zombie Updates

UE4 Controller demo is now live!  Recent updates include Hyper attacks, hyper chases and transitions.  New Idles variations as well as On-Fire animations and Deaths.
Knock Backs, Hits.  Standing and Crawling hits and transitions.

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