Can I Make Suggestions On Future Animation Packs?


If you have an idea for new animation packs, we love to hear from you at: Since we launched MoCap Online, Ninja, Boxing and Zombie Packs were created due to fan requests.  We also gave the UE4 packs a much higher priority after receiving dozens of requests.  Your feedback helps us decide what we do next.

Request a MoCap Pack / Animation

  • To keep track of the requests, we created a "Request Page" on MoCap Online where you can tell us what animations you would like to see.  We will then review it and added to our "Future Shot List". The more requests for a particular type of animation, the higher priority we give it. 

Comment on In-Production MoCap Packs

  • We list the mocap packs that we are working on in the "Future Packs" section of our help desk.  Please give us any feedback or suggestions on the animations you would like to see. 
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