Ninja Animation Packs


3d character animations for an acrobatic ninja.

Ninja Starter (13 Animations)

Includes a punch, kick, and knockdown animation. A duck and a forward roll. Left and right turn 90 degrees. Relaxed and ready idles. Walking forward and 2 animations for jumping up to a platform.

Ninja Basic (73 Animations)

Adds jogs walks and runs in 4 directions and has in-place versions. Has rolls in 4 directions and a back flip. Has jumps in 4 directions and a looped in air jump. Has single version of punches and kicks at 3 heights and backward. Relaxed and ready turns 90 and 180s. Has two knockdowns..Has 10 animations for interacting with platforms.

Ninja Pro (167 Animations)

3 versions each of  punches and kicks at different heights and backwards. 3 Knockdown animations. More rolls flips and dodges in all directions. 8 Relaxed idle fidgets. Transitions between ready and relaxed. Has 34 animations for traversing platforms and everything from the basic pack.

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