Mocap Online Custom Shoots

MoCap Online Custom Motion Capture Shoots

MoCap Online is announcing its MoCap Online custom shoots. This service will allow animators to share the cost of studio rental, actor fees and get high-quality custom mocap data at a more attainable price. We set common parameters to deliver the motion on our “Motus Man” character to streamline the solving process to provide true human movement on an animated character at the lowest cost possible.

  • All animations are solved to our standard "Motus Man" character rig
  • All animations are one character
  • All customers are limited to a total of 30 animations per shoot
  • Shoot will be only of animations on shot list provided with questionnaire.
  • Video provided by you depicting animations will help generate a more accurate estimate.
  • The character will only interact with the ground and no other objects
  • The character can only use one of these three props - rifle, pistol, sword
  • Animations will be natural organic human motion.
  • Our actor must be able to execute your desired moves. If you want him/her to do a triple backflip or __?__, we might have to add a surcharge to get a qualified actor.
  • The animations will not be edited, looped, or pose-matched.
  • Animations can be delivered in FBX, BIP, UE4, Unity or Crytek formats.

(If these parameters do not work for your project, please contact a team member at and we will generate a quote for additional services.)

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